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Download free Live Camera Viewer for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows - live security camera video streaming app to view and control thousands of real time public CCTV web cameras, security video cameras, webcams, live cams, public and private IP cameras, surveillance web cameras around the world right from your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Lenovo and other smartphones and tablets, connect and monitor your own Foscam, GoPro Hero, Trendnet, Panasonic, Axis, D-Link, etc. IP cameras for your home and office video surveillance and security.

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Download IP Camera Viewer app for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) at App Store
Download Live Camera Viewer app for Android at Google Play

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Download Live Webcam Viewer app for Android at Google Play

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Download Live Camera Viewer app for Windows Phone at Windows Store

FREE WP 8.0 & 8.1

Download Live Camera Viewer app for Windows Phone at Windows Store

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Download World Live Cams app for Windows Phone at Windows Store
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Why do I need this app?

  • To make holiday or family vacation travel plans
  • To study world cultures, geography, logistics and economics
  • To study animal behavior (yes, we've got lots of live web cameras with animals)
  • To find and watch familiar places in your own city, like clubs, bars, restaurants, malls, shops, hotels, etc.
  • To receive live news, events, weather, road traffic information
  • To secure your home, garage and office with simple SOHO CCTV surveillance IP cameras (Foscam, Trendnet, Panasonic, Axis, etc.)
Live Camera Viewer app on Android smartphones and tablets

What can I do with this app?

  • Search cams by keywords and browse by world map
  • Select cams by Country, HD, Category like cities, weather, traffic, restaurants, offices, zoos, airports, beaches, etc.
  • Like and vote for the best cameras, customize your cam collection
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom live video with motion controls from your iPhone, iPod, iPad
  • Save camera shots, get cam information
  • Rewind recorded camera shots for the past 24 hours if you missed to view live
Live Camera Viewer app for Windows Phone screenshot

What can I expect from the future app updates?

The completely reloaded and redesigned new versions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone are coming soon with:

  • MPEG (MP4) cameras support
  • JPEG cameras support
  • Availability to specify exact camera location

The update 1.6 and 1.7 came with:

  • UI improvements
  • Performance improvements

The update 1.5 came with:

  • Cameras list and grid view modes
  • All new design and new user interface with full iOS 7 features support
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera motion controls for My Cams

The update 1.4 came with:

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera motion controls

The update 1.3 came with:

  • Camera shots hour-by-hour rewind for the past 24 hours
  • Camera shot saving
  • New fullscreen view design

The update 1.2 came with:

  • Selection by categories and countries

The update 1.1 came with:

  • Users' own cameras support for home, office surveillance
  • Selection by HD-cams and Liked cams
  • Universal app binary with HD-version for iPad big screen

Where can I read app reviews?

"World Live Cams is a pretty good app if you're into webcams at all."
TUAW (or The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

"It is a pretty cool application because it broadens your views of the planet in different locations so that you can get an idea of the best places to vacation to or see some pretty interesting things happen on camera."

"I'm sure we would all love to travel around the world and experience new locations and places of interest. Obviously, the developers of World Live Cams Pro think so too and have developed this incredible app that allows its users to access 4000 live webcams from worldwide locations. 400 of these are in HD quality, which looks impressive on the large iPad Screen... A fantastic feature from their latest version allows users to add their own private IP cameras from home, work, gardens, garages and outdoor areas of surveillance... This is an enjoyable app for any travel enthusiasts."

"Guarda 5.000 telecamere di sorveglianza da tutto il mondo con World Live Cams Pro"
iPhone Italia Blog

"World Live Cams Pro: 20 codici redeem all’interno! [CODICI UTILIZZATI CORRETTAMENTE]"
iPhone Italia Blog

"World Live Cams Pro: 20 codici redeem all’interno! [CODICI UTILIZZATI CORRETTAMENTE]"
iPad Italia Blog

"World Live Cams Pro 1.2: guarda il mondo da 5.000 videocamere su iPhone e iPad"

"World Live Cams Pro, observa el mundo a través de tu Windows Phone"
WindowsPhoneApps blog en español

"World Live Cams Pro: viaggia grazie all’iPhone!"

"Watch over 4,000 live feeds of places around the world directly from your phone with World Live Cams: For those who may not know, there's a huge network of public webcams around the globe from which you can watch live streaming video. From Times Square in New York to the streets of London and everything in between, World Live Cams taps into that database so you can watch the world from the comfort of your phone... World Live Cams might be worth checking out for those who take a few peeks around the world."
Windows Phone Daily

"World Live Cams Pro, program që na lejon të shikojmë në kohë reale pamje nga 5000 kamera në vënde të ndryshme të botës"
iPhone Albania

"World Live Cams è un programma davvero ben fatto, facile da usare e molto utile per tutti gli appassionati e non."

"The app is useful for anyone who learns geography and world locations, travels, pushing horizons for broader world perception, and just anyone else curious about what's happening, what's going on in other countries and places in the world."

"Enjoy watching more than 4000 places by cams worldwide."

"It's so convenient to always have a live video from the important places for you and know what's going on to take immediate action!"

"Not only can you watch stuff like iconic cities, streets, restaurants, parks, zoos, airports, and beaches, but you can also zoom in for a more detailed view. You can read information about the cameras and locate them on the map."

"World Live Cams Pro. Смотрим тысячи камер наблюдения со всего мира"

"World Live Cams Pro позволяет смотреть живые публичные CCTV-камеры видеонаблюдения в городах и странах всего мира"

"5 приложений, которые пригодились бы супергерою: Но как узнать о маленькой беде маленького человека? Не бросать же его на произвол судьбы. Именно для этого каждый уважающий себя борец со злом обязан скачать себе World Live Cams Pro , которое дает доступ к публичным камерам наблюдения по всему миру. Итого, вместо 2-х (если вы, конечно, не мутировавший Питер Паркер) глаз, вы получаете сразу 1000."

"World Live Cams это новое приложение в App Store, которое позволяет просматривать огромное количество мест со всего мира. Каждую из камер в любом месте можно смотреть целый день не отрываясь. Учитывая, что всего камер в приложении более 3500, а в ближайшем апдейте разработчики заявляют добавить еще около 6000, то при таком количестве камер скучно быть не должно))"

"World Live Cams Pro video review in English"

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